Watch: Touching Moment First-time Dad Figures Out How to Soothe His Crying Baby

Small as they are, babies can be a huge puzzle especially to first-time parents who are still trying to figure out how to deal with their little ones. The first few months are among the most difficult because the baby could not talk but would only cry for just about anything – whether it is hungry, wet, has a soiled diaper, feeling hot, feeling sick, feeling bored, or just trying to let someone know it wants to be picked up and hugged.

Little by little, parents and those who care for the baby eventually learn to read these auditory cues and understand what the baby needs even if it still could not talk.

We found this video shared on Facebook by netizen Salha Zain, showing the touching moment a first-time dad finally figures out how to soothe his crying baby while he is left in the house because his wife was at the grocery store.

Check this out and get some tissues ready for this just might bring tears to your eyes…

OMG… I just had tears in my eyes watching this. There are things that technology can never replace.

Posted by Salha Zain on Thursday, July 3, 2014