WATCH: Unattended Baby Crawls in Garage, Gets Nearly Crushed by Car!

“Don’t leave your children unattended.” This is a rule that is often printed out in public areas but sometimes we are so comfortable in our homes that we forget this – and it could result to deadly accidents!

In a video that has gone viral on NTD Television, a baby who was possible less than a year old could be seen crawling over an empty space at the floor of what appears to be a parking garage.

Screenshot from video by NTD Television

Seconds later, a car could be seen backing up – straight towards where the baby had just crawled! It seemed that the driver did not notice that there was a baby crawling in the garage. We can’t also fault him for that; after all, who in their right mind would let a baby crawl unsupervised inside a garage, anyway?

A few seconds more, the car stopped. A lady went out of the car and seemed distraught. The video didn’t have audio but it was possible that the scared/hurt baby was crying at this time, judging by the reaction of the lady from the car as well as the rush of several people towards the vehicle.

It truly was a heart-stopping moment! Watch the video here:


Oh my goodness 😱 Parents must pay full attention to children! 👶😩

Posted by NTD Television on Saturday, February 11, 2017

We’re so glad the baby is alive! We hope the child wasn’t permanently harmed by the incident…

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