WATCH: Video of Crazy Guy Who Stole 3 Different Cars during Police Chase Goes Viral

A guy who probably thinks he is on a real version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) managed to steal three different cars while he was being chased by police along a busy freeway in Denver, Colorado in the US. Footage of the harrowing triple incidents soon went viral on social media, gaining 35 million views within just a few days after it was posted by Facebook page Machinima.

What’s so crazy about this is that the guy knows he is being chased by the cops and that there’s a police helicopter monitoring the proceedings and following all his movements yet he thinks he can evade all these – we’re willing to bet that he’s either high on something or had watched too many movies.

Screenshots from video by Denver Police / Machinima – Facebook

He employed different tactics in stealing the cars. For instance, the blocked the first car so he could steal it while he hit the second car to make the other driver go out before stealing the vehicle.

When he finished terrorizing the drivers in the freeway, he was corned by the cops but in true criminal fashion, he ran as fast as he could – although he doesn’t really stand a chance as the snow easily gave away his position and there were several cops chasing him.

He tried to scale a fence but it proved too tall for him. Just a minute or two later, he was ******** by the police.

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