WATCH: Video of Dog ‘Eating’ Rain Outside the Car Window Goes Viral

Dogs are truly curious creatures! And despite the fact that some of them can be vicious and mean, partly because of how they were raised, most are actually quite loving and so adorable.

Just take for example this huge dog who had gone viral after it was caught on camera trying to ‘eat’ rain outside the car window. Indeed, it would have been a scary dog under other circumstances – and the sight of a huge dog waving its head around would have looked really frightening but this biggie is actually such a sweetie!

Screenshot from video by Tapoos Network / Facebook
Screenshot from video by Tapoos Network / Facebook

This dog was just trying to have fun by eating the rain and, in its mind, it clearly does not matter what the humans think because it was just enjoying the moment…

What do you think of this lovable dog as it enjoyed the rain? Do your dogs do the same thing, too?

Posted by Tapoos on Thursday, October 27, 2016

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