WATCH: Video Reveals ‘Like Factory’ for Fake Social Media Likes and Comments

It seems that popularity these days depends on how many likes, shares, comments, and reactions your posts generate on social media. People have a wider platform to ‘show off’ – and how a person feels could depend on how popular their posts can get.

But did you know that many of these supposed social media ‘likers’ and followers are actually just fake accounts controlled by computer programs?

In China, a ‘like factory’ was discovered by some journalists. What’s crazy about this place is that it was filled with cellphones connected to a server and controlled by two computers.

Screenshot from video by In the Now / Facebook

Thousands of phones were working all at once, mainly doing various stuff on WeChat messenger but workers revealed they would soon be liking and commenting to posts on other social media sites, such as Facebook!

Can you imagine the costs of running such an operation?

Many netizens commented that this was foolhardy because the same could actually be achieved using computer programs running even on one computer, instead of having thousands of physical phones working.

Others were skeptic that this was even for real; although it does look rather legit. The problem with this being legit is that it shows the reality of how fake likes are generated.

Considering how there are so many people who are dependent on response from their ‘friends’ on social media, this could be quite alarming. Of course, if you are the type who doesn’t care for the number of likes on your posts, then this wouldn’t have any effect on you, whatsoever.

Of course, this can have bearing on businesses that depend on social media to widen their customer base…

Check out this video and tell us what you think: