WATCH: What if Other Asians Sample Some Popular Filipino Snacks?

Earlier, we posted an article about an American vlogger named Matthias who sampled some Filipino snacks and hated most of them. He argued that these snacks tasted bland or really weird. Could it be that this was his opinion because he was used to sweet American snacks?

What if other Asians were to sample these Filipino snacks? Well, we found this video by Indonesian vlogger Arnold Telagaarta who sampled pretty much similar items as those eaten by Matthias. Not surprisingly, Arnold actually enjoyed most of the food; though he had some reservations on a few items.

Of course, it is highly likely that his opinion about Filipino food is mostly positive because 1) his fiancée is a Filipina and 2) he is Asian – so, he shares a liking to similar cuisines because their food are similar to those of other cultures in the region.

Check out this video and tell us what you think: