WATCH: What if the Earth had Rings Like Saturn?

Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system, thanks to its lovely ring system – but have you ever wondered how the Earth would have looked if it also had rings around it?

Alright, we don’t want to get too technical about this – and you should probably forget everything you learn in Science and just appreciate the view because if we apply the laws of Physics, then the rings wouldn’t exist because gravity would have shattered it even before it formed!

But I bet you will love how the rings would look from where you are located, even if it might just be a line on the sky. Of course, it would be nicer to constantly see the rings as large as they could be up in the sky!

Screenshots from video by Bright Side

Check out this video by Bright Side to see just how the Earth would look with rings like Saturn and how the rings would look from the ground.

The view certainly got lovelier, right? Do you that, maybe, there’s a chance we can ‘create’ a ring for the Earth? LOL.

Some netizens jokingly suggested that we blast the moon in hopes of creating the ring around the Earth. Aha! That might work but it would also lead to catastrophe! Sigh. So, let’s just be content with watching this video and simply imagine that things were a bit different…