WATCH: Woman Tries to Cheat at Toll Gate, Ends Up in an Accident

What happens if you cheat at the toll gate and not pay the price you need to give for using the motorway or parking at the facility? Well, one woman learned the hard way after trying to escape paying the fee at a toll gate, only to end up in an accident!

In a clip that has gone viral on Facebook page Inspiration in Life, a woman could be seen at the toll gate, trying to go through the barrier.

Screenshot from video shared by Inspiration in Life / Facebook

But because her scooter was on and she did not get off, the barrier effectively stopped her from passing through. Still, she tried her best to squeeze through the barrier, anyway, not thinking about what could happen if she does that. She actually succeeded in going past the barrier without incident.

What happened next was quite crazy, though, because scooter shoots off to the street – and it was a miracle that she wasn’t hit by a passing vehicle; though she could be seen crashing at the opposite side of the street. Ooops.

So, let this be a lesson for everyone to just pay the toll and parking fees instead of running away because you just might need more money to pay for hospital bills…

Check out this video:


Someone’s had a pretty rough day…

Posted by Inspiration in Life on Sunday, January 8, 2017