WATCH: Workers Trying to Save Car Involved in Accident, Accidentally Make Matters Worse! Oooooops.

Everyone knows that things don’t always go as planned but if you don’t plan carefully, things would surely get worse.

This could be what happened to the guy who tried to save a car that was involved in an accident, only to make matters much worse than they were before! Oooooops.

And to add insult to injury, the matter was caught on camera and shared on social media where it went viral. Double oooops!

Screenshot from video by NTD Television / Facebook

As can be seen in the clip, a tow company was obviously trying to salvage a vehicle which had crashed at the side of the road. We don’t really know much about the back story of how that car crashed and whether the people involved in the accident were alright but we do know that the guy in the video was getting it off the road.

Slowly but surely, the tow truck began to right the overturned vehicle. The operator was actually doing a good job at it. Soon enough, they had righted the car but the workers have missed the fact that they were working on a sloped area and did not secure the vehicle with a back-up system in case the first one failed.

So, while they were able to right it on the road, it quickly rolled to the side and down to the slope. In just a few seconds, it was out of sight. The worker could be seen trying to run and save the vehicle but it was apparent that this was the worst day of his life…

Watch this video: