WATCH: Would you dare go outside under this rain??? Creepy…I will surely hide!

As a child, I loved to dance in the rain and have fun with my friends. I love how the rain evokes memories of a wonderful childhood, the time when we were all innocent about the cares of the world. It was the time when all that mattered is that our best friend talks to us about shared secrets. It was also the time of no gadgets, no internet; a time of kids playing outside and having fun in the rain.

So, when I came across this rain video which promised to be something different, I had no idea it would freak me out! C’mon – who would be afraid of the rain, anyway?

Well, this creepy video will show you that rain can sometimes be really, really, scary. I would not want to be caught outside when it rains like this. Why? Watch the video and find out. It still gives me the creeps…