‘Weird’ Student Getting Bullied for His Looks Receives New Shoes from Kind Schoolmate

In the awkward years of high school, a lot of teens succumb to the pressures of bullying and end up taking their own lives. Indeed, high school is a difficult time for many but it always pays to have good friends to help you make it through.

The problem for Greenwood High School student Taylor Bates is that he doesn’t have any friends – and he’s regularly bullied by his classmates for being “weird” and for the way he dresses. It seems that Bates comes from a poor family who couldn’t afford to buy him new shoes and stuff.

Seeing that Bates gets bullied a lot for his looks, senior student Tae Moore realized he has to do something to stop the bullying and make the younger student fell that someone still cares.

Bates would later recount on his Instagram page how he was surprised when the senior student asked him his shoe size one day and told him to meet him at the exact spot at the gym the following day. He didn’t ask questions and just followed the senior’s instructions despite the fact that it could be another humiliating bullying moment.

The following day, Bates arrived at the gym to see Moore being surrounded by other students. The senior was holding a Footlocker bag. When he saw Bates, Moore called out and told him to try on the Retro 1 Jordan shoes he was holding. Unsure what to do, Bates simply looked out but Moore instructed his friends to get the younger student’s bag and help him wear the new shoes!

Photo credit: bateta93 / Instagram
Taylor Bates (left) with Tae Moore (right)
Photo credit: bateta93 / Instagram

A confused Bates asked as Moore laced his new shoes, “I don’t understand why [you are] giving me these?

The kind senior replied, “I heard people have been bullying you, so I wanted to get you these to make you feel better. And if anybody is bullying you, you let me know alright?

Bates wrote, “When he said that I hugged him and I almost cried, and I cannot thank him enough, and then he said ‘thank you so much.’

Bullying is bad but it can’t always be prevented. It is a good thing that young people like Moore have the compassion to help victims like Bates feel better…

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