West African Tribe Chief Works as Gardener in Canada to Raise Funds for His Tribe

Eric Manu is the current chief of the Akan Tribe after his 67-year old uncle, Dat, passed away last year.

As the new leader of a tribe in the village of Adansi Aboabo No. 2, Manu moved back to Southern Ghana to take up his birthright after living in Canada for three years with his wife and son.

It’s a tremendous experience. You have to embrace it with passion,” he said. “It’s something of my heritage, my culture, and traditions.

But the new tribe chief is moving back to Canada to resume his job in landscaping and gardening, with the hopes of raising money to fund the healthcare of his 6,000 members of his tribe.

Image courtesy of CTV News

When he assumed his post as the Tribe Chief, his employer, Susan Watson, started a foundation which they called ‘To the Moon and Back’ and sent a shipment full of school supplies, clothing, laptops, and medical supplies, as a support to the young leader and his tribe.

Image courtesy of CTV News

This time, Chief Manu will again work in Canada and also plans to return to the tribe with another shipment of equipment.

Watson also traveled to Ghana and noted that the village was quite poor.

The clinic only has a midwife and a few nurses. There is no doctor on site,” she said.

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