What Do Men Really Think About Thigh Gaps?

There’s this trend of social media for girls to post photos of their body just to emphasize their thigh gap. This thigh gap supposedly shows that they are thin or fit enough to have one – but does this really matter? With most people actually having thighs that rub together, is getting a thigh gap one of these generation’s fitness goals?

For a lot of girls, getting that much-coveted thigh gap does not only provide them with self-worth but is also one way of attracting guys. But what do guys really think about thigh gaps?

BuzzFeedYellow sought to find answers to this question – with quite surprising results.

While many girls are obsessed with getting thigh gaps (or taking pictures that make it appear they have thigh gaps!), a lot of men do not actually notice or care whether they had one! Here’s their explanation:

What can you say about this?