vaping laws

What to Expect When the Vaping Laws Change Next Month

Some people can’t have a complete day without them reaching for a stick of cigarette.  Fortunately, there are e-cigarettes available now.  But, news reports say that there would be a change over the rules of vaping over the coming weeks – and if you are one of those vapers then you should be aware of these changes.

vaping laws
Image by Daily Star

E-cigarettes and vaping are now being monitored under the law, due to the new Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, which would be effective starting May 20.

What can we expect over the new law?

Know the contents of what you are smoking

Companies have been making money from selling vape without even mentioning the contents of the vape. Thanks to the new law, those days would be gone.  The new law would enforce the labeling of the vape liquid, so we don’t have to wonder what the vape liquid is made out of.

It means that there would be no additives added to your daily intake of nicotine.

Vaping is now standardized.

Vaping tanks can only hold 2 ml in capacity.

Safe from breakage

The vape should be sturdier since most vape being sold today are easily broken.

If shops are not willing to comply then owners could face two years of imprisonment.  The new law would affect anyone selling of the product, whether offline or online.

“We are finding that shops are aware of the changes to the law but small online retailers are not. We have found online sellers selling e-liquids in 100ml bottles with a nicotine strength over 20mg/ml. After 20 May this will be illegal unless the e-liquid is registered as a medicine,” Trading Standards manager Alex Fry said.