This Favorite Street Food is the Best in the Philippines…Can You Guess What it is?

Filipinos love to eat all sorts of street food. So, you never really go hungry at any given time of the day because there’s always a vendor selling something delicious for your snacks or late-night pulutan.

What’s your favorite street food?

We all have different choices but for Filipino Canadian Mikey Bustos, balut is his favorite street food – well, in this awesome parody to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”, anyway. He entitled his parody as “I Love to Eat Balut”.

He then tells you the reasons why he enjoys eating this tasty food; though foreigners often think of this as somewhat disgusting.

Have you heard about the supposed benefits of eating balut? If you haven’t heard that yet, then you should watch this video by “Pinoy Boy” Mikey Bustos: