When Baby Laughs for the First Time, Daddy’s Reaction is Hilarious

Babies are truly a bundle of joy – something this little one proves in this video. According to the video description, the baby is 3 months old but it was the first time truly laughed. Daddy’s reaction was quite adorable and hilarious at the same time.

There is so much love and laughter in this video, spilling over for the viewers. What a wonderful joy it is to have such a lovely baby who laughs without inhibition. Truly, this can quickly erase the stress and hardships of the day.

Did you enjoy the video? I certainly did. It shows just how wonderful life can be when there are babies in the house. This little bundle of joy has brought laughter to the internet, with the video viewed close to 5 million times since it was posted last year.

Continue to be a cheerful baby, little one.