When Your Husband Looks at Another Woman, What is He Thinking?

Alright. I know this is going to start a huge argument – but hear me out first. The conclusions done by Prager University on the issue of what your husband is thinking if he is looking at another woman had been based on studies and research. So, I suppose parts of it are true.

Of course, just because scientists had extensively studied something does not mean there is no exception to the rule or that they are 100% accurate. In this case, the reality could be the opposite of what the study has supposedly concluded.

Photo credit: Prager University/YouTube
Photo credit: Prager University/YouTube

Still, this video can give a lot of women peace of mind – and provide men with an excuse to do something they really should not do. Sigh. The arguments will not end on this one but the video must be shared, anyway.

It is up to you whether you would agree with this supposedly scientifically-backed conclusions or if you would merely laugh it off as something a man made up to get away from mischief.

Here goes…