While Doing a Live Report, Reporter Saves Man as Car Sinks in the Flood! This is Commendable!

Many of today’s social media users are guilty of taking photos and videos instead of helping others in need, even in emergency situations; thus, when a reporter saved a man from a sinking car while he was making a live report, the internet was soon commending his actions.

While making a live report about flash floods in Houston, Texas, ABC 13 reporter Steve Campion noticed a car continue driving towards the deep part of a flooded area.

The driver lost control of the vehicle as it began to float on the water. Campion could be heard speaking with the camera, concerned about the driver and a bit confused on what he should do. The camera man told him to instruct the man to get out of the car, so he did it.

Photo credit: ABC13 report
Photo credit: ABC 13 Houston report

The driver, also confused about what he should do next decided to listen to the reporter and swam when he was told to do so. As the vehicle sinks in the background, the reporter wades into the chest-deep water to help out the old man who later admitted that he thought the water was just a puddle but was shocked when it turned out much deeper than he had expected.

It was a good thing that Campion and his crew were there or the confused driver could have drowned along with his vehicle!