While His Girl was at Work, This Guy Transformed Their Room for Valentine’s Day… And It’s Incredible!

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days in the year for people with romantic partners – even when it is also the saddest for those who are single and lonely.

Now, there’s this guy who had just raised the bar for all guys out there to follow suit because he had created an amazing Valentine’s Day for his girl, from scratch!

In a clip that has since gone viral on Facebook, a Filipino guy named Aldrene Paolo who appears to be based in Long Beach, California, could be seen blowing up dozens of balloons using his mouth! While he later revealed that he did buy a pump, he ditched that because it was quite time-consuming to use.

Aside from making several dozens of pink and red balloons, Aldrene also filled a heart-shaped gift box with various sweet treats: French macaroons and chocolates! There’s also another box of chocolates and some roses for his loved one, a girl named Christine Reyes.

After preparing all those stuff, he scattered hearts and rose petals on their bed before arranging his gifts for her – including the huge stuffed bear and a couple of sexy Victoria’s Secret panties. The last one certainly elicited a number of laughs on the internet but this guy’s effort is truly incredible!

He also set the mood with some tea lights and candles on the side tables.

Check out the whole setup in this video:

Grabe yung effort ni kuya. HAHAHA Saludo ako sa kanya.Grabe yung effort ni kuya. HAHAHA Saludo ako sa kanya.HAHAHA Laftrip din ako sa regalong underwear. HAHAHA(c) Aldrene Paolo

Posted by Filipino Dubs on Saturday, February 13, 2016

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