husband seeks justive for wife 1

“Why Did You Fire my Wife?” Question Goes Viral as Husband Seeks Explanation for Wife Who Worked at Restaurant for 11 Years

Recently, a woman got fired from restaurant chain Cracker Barrel where she had worked for 11 years.  She never knew why she got fired in the first place as the company seems not in the mood to explain.  When she got home, she told her husband and the latter was saddened since it was his birthday.  Brad went to the restaurant’s Facebook page and asked why his wife got fired.  Sadly, there wasn’t a single reply.

Now, thousands of internet users are asking the same.  They are demanding for Cracker Barrel to explain itself.  They even made jokes out of it, hoping that they would get an answer from the restaurant.

The whole thing started with just one question.

husband seeks justive for wife 1
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But, as people joined in, it became viral and now the whole world knows it.  All of them demanding the same thing, an explanation from Cracker Barrel.

husband seeks justive for wife 2
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People are going to the Facebook page and asking the same thing over and over again, some even making it as hilarious as possible.

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Unfortunately, Cracker Barrels does not seem interested about it, as not a single comment can be found on the Facebook page to address the problem.

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They remained silent all about the issue and it seems like they are not bothered at all with the thousands of people demanding an explanation from them.

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Hopefully, the couple gets their answer soon, so that that the concerned people would leave the restaurant alone…