Wife and Mistress Write Clashing Obituary for the Man They Both Loved… And the Paper Posted These Next to Each Other!

Much loved by both his wife and mistress, 55-year-old Leroy “Blast” Bill Black who hails from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USA, got two obituaries when he died. But while most of the content was similar there were major contrasts – and it was hilarious how the paper actually published the two next to each other!

The newspaper editors must have gotten a kick out of the two obituaries because they posted the two together – and at first glance, you just might think it was merely a glitch.

The paper did put the obituary from the legal wife first.

Black died surrounded by his family at their home and is survived by his “loving wife, Bearetta Harrison Black” together with his son, Jazz Black – that’s according to the wife’s version of the obituary. This obituary also mentioned that Black was also a father to Malcolm and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick.

Details on the funeral were also printed on the obituary.

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The second obituary also mentioned the similar details regarding this guy’s age, where he died, and funeral arrangements. This time, however, his wife was not mentioned although his son, Jazz Black, was actually included in the list. According to the mistress’ version, Black was also survived not just by Jazz Black but also his siblings and long-time girlfriend, Princess Hall.

His other sons, Malcolm and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick, were not mentioned in the second obituary. The mistress’ obituary also mentioned the cause of his *****: ****** of the lungs due to fiberglass exposure.

Netizens had a good laugh at the clashing obituaries which had everyone wondering who Jazz Black’s mother is, considering that he’s mentioned in both obituaries while the other sons were excluded.

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