Wife Divorces Paralyzed Husband and Marries His Best Friend, All Three Now Live in One House

During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange vows, promising each other that only ***** will ever bring them apart. In reality, however, things don’t always go according to plan and many couples end up breaking up and forgetting the vows they made the day they became husband and wife.

One couple in China recently made headlines due to their strange arrangement after the husband became paralyzed.

Photo credit: CEN / Philippines Trends

Xu Xihan figured in a mining accident in 2002. Although he was able to survive the accident, it left him paralyzed for life. But his wife Xie Xiping never left his side.

Together with their son, Xiping cared for her ailing husband for 7 years. While Xihan received 40,000 Yuan ($6,300) as compensation for the accident, the money would soon run out as he is now unable to find a job for his family.

Photo credit: CEN / Philippines Trends

Unable to support his family and also feeling that his wife is throwing away her life because of him, Xihan encouraged her to find someone else to love. She resisted, of course, but as the years passed, she fell in love with her husband’s best friend, Liu Zongkui, who was also always there for them.

Finally, Xiping filed for divorce which was granted almost immediately. With her ex-husband’s blessing, she married his best friend. This happened in 2009.

Photo credit: CEN / Philippines Trends

At this point, of course, she could have left him to focus on her new husband and family but Xiping continues to love her ex-husband. So, it was her new husband who came to live at the family home.

It was a strange arrangement, really, but it worked for the three. We could only imagine the pain Xihan must feel as he sees his former wife and his best friend together but he is vocal in saying he is happy for them both. Plus, they take care of him, anyway.

Photo credit: CEN / Philippines Trends

Their weird ‘love triangle’ recently went viral; although it received mixed reactions from netizens. What can you say about this?

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