Wife Files Divorce from Husband Who Refused to Buy Her Shawarma

Sameeha, 30, from Egypt filed a divorce from her husband, Ahmed, 32, after 40 days of marriage because he is so stingy.

The couple got married after only knowing each other for two months.

Ahmed’s frugal lifestyle was already obvious right after their traditional wedding. On their first day of being husband and wife, Ahmed revealed that he hated going out because he thought that it was just a waste of money. Sameeha didn’t pay to much attention but, eventually, things got worse as the days went by.

Image: Pixabay

Ahmed is working as a teacher and having tutorial jobs on the side. So money shouldn’t be an issue but it was. He usually checks everything before leaving the house, including food. There was one time when Sameeha ate a loaf of bread and when he found out, he said that she will only eat rice and macaroni until the weekend. Wait, Really?

“My husband is too stingy to speak; when I ask him to talk to me, I end up talking to myself most of the time,” the woman said, trying to explain how stingy Ahmed could be, according to Oddity Central.

She told her family about her husband’s extreme frugality; they advised her to be more patient and he’ll eventually change in time but it seems like she can’t wait any longer.

Image: Odditycentral

One time, she begged him to go out for a drink and breathe some fresh air. While walking, she asked if she could have shawarma sandwich. He refused and said that they only went out for a drink, not food.

“When my husband refused to buy me the shawarma sandwich, I was angry, and he continued to blame me while we were in the car, calling me a hypocrite and saying that going out had been a mistake,” she said before the court.

There’s nothing wrong when it comes to being frugal and making everything to budget your money but this shouldn’t be a reason for marriage to end. We hope things could still work out for this couple.