Wife Gets Pregnant after Telling Husband to Find Another Woman Because She’s 99% Infertile

While there are many couples who have a problem with birth control and trying not to get pregnant, there are also those who are having a lot of trouble getting pregnant! The saddest part is that there are those who are desperate to have their own children but no matter how hard they try or how much they spend, they still couldn’t get pregnant.

Laura Skellie and her husband Patrick belong to the latter group.

Theirs was a whirlwind romance. They met in May 2012 when Patrick rented Laura a car while she was on one of her trips to Alabama for work. By October that year, Laura packed up all her bags and left her home in Michigan to live with him.

Photo credit: Love What Matters – Laura Skellie

They planned on having as many babies as they could because they both loved big families but things didn’t work out the way they planned. It was in June 2014 that they got married, planning to get pregnant on their honeymoon but month after month since then, no matter how hard they tried, they got received negative pregnancy tests.

In the early months of 2015, they finally sought the help of a fertility clinic but that didn’t work out well. Patrick had low testosterone levels and Laura hormonal imbalance as well as endometriosis, with her case worsened by the growth blocking her fallopian tubes.

As the years passed and they continued to fail in their pregnancy plans, their marriage was also greatly affected. They were always fighting. Then, after the laparoscopic surgery on her endometriosis, they received worse news: Laura also had pelvic floor dysfunction.

Photo credit: Love What Matters – Laura Skellie

Doctors gave them the saddest news: they only had less than 1% chance of getting pregnant on their own. After years of struggling, Laura felt like she lost the battle.

Somewhere between hopeful and hopeless, I lost the desire to fight for our marriage. I wanted him to be happy, and if it was with someone else – just so he could be a father, then so be it. I was done being a failure, I wanted better for him,” Laura revealed.

But while she pushed him away, her husband pushed back. Despite years of fighting and being ready to give up on their marriage, Patrick finally realized they got married because they loved each other, not just because they wanted to have kids!

Photo credit: Love What Matters – Laura Skellie

They finally went to a marriage counselor and decided to do IVF. It was their last recourse, something they didn’t want to do because of their catholic faith but when they finally made the decision, they were lucky to learn that Laura’s employer had IVF coverage!

In November 2017, they went for an IVF appointment. By the end of that month, after 3.5 years of trying to get pregnant, Laura finally got a positive pregnancy test!

Photo credit: Love What Matters – Laura Skellie

Of the two embryos injected, only one implanted but that was already awesome news for the couple.

The months that followed were a blur for the two but they would soon announce that they were having a baby girl, due in August 2018. They plan to name her Josephine Rhene.

Photo credit: Love What Matters – Laura Skellie