Wife Catches Husband Locked in a Sweet Dance with Their Daughter

How close are you to your parents? It is said that sons are often closer to their moms while daughters are often closer to their dads; though that is, of course, not an absolute truth as there are a lot of exceptions to that yet this is often observed in many families.

In one family, for example, a video of a father and daughter’s sweet moment was captured by the mother on camera – and it had since gone viral, not just because of the lovely moment but because it became a bit controversial as many people believe that there was something amiss in the clip.

Screenshots from video
Screenshots from video

Some people think that this was just more than a dad-daughter bonding moment but actually had not-so-innocent undertones!

Still, many people dismiss that train of thought, saying that there’s nothing wrong with this lovely moment and that the ones who are accusing the father of feeling something more than a father-daughter bond are the ones that should be bashed, not this loving dad!

What do you think?

It’s sweet that these two are so close that they enjoy doing this without thinking about bad things; however, it is sad that society has judged this dad…

What do you think of their dance?