Winner of 1500-m Race, Runs Away from Race Official Who Tried Stopping Her from Celebratory “Lap of Honor”

I didn’t really say anything. I just thought, at the end of the day, she won’t be able to catch me!” a confident Laura Muir of Great Britain said after running away from a race official who tried to stop her from doing a celebratory “lap of honor” after winning her first gold in the 1,500-meter race.

Laura didn’t just win the gold for the race, she also broke the previous record held by another runner, Kelly Holmes by winning the race at a time of 4:02.39.

But while most winners get to do a lap of honor around the track while holding their country’s flag, Laura was prevented from doing it because, ironically, the event was “running out of time”. A race official many are calling ‘spoilsport’ tried to stop Laura from doing the lap of honor.

Photo credit: Reuters / Mirror UK

Several times, the spoilsport race official blocked Laura but the young girl was determined to do the run and celebrate her record-breaking performance. Thinking the race official couldn’t catch up with her, anyway, Laura sprinted away – much to the crowd’s delight!

I had to fight for that didn’t I! They said ‘we don’t have time’,” Laura mused. “I thought ‘it’s my first medal. I’m not going to lose out on my lap of honor. I’m going.

The race official realized she just lost the fight to no less than the gold winner; thus, she didn’t run after Laura.

Meanwhile, as Laura ran her lap of honor, someone from the crowd gave her a flag to complete her celebratory get up. Good job, girl! Congratulations on winning the race and the battle!

Watch the winning moment here:

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Mirror UK

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