With an Area Bigger Than the Philippines’ Largest Island, Could the Fast-rising Benham Plateau be the Answer to the Country’s Economic Woes?

While the islands in the west part of the Philippines are under a long-standing territorial dispute among several nations, there’s a huge underground island in the east that many Filipinos are not aware of. This huge landmass is bigger than the country’s largest island, Luzon!

Because a team of scientists have proven through science that this landmass is physically connected to the country, the United Nations has already approved the Philippines’ claim of this new territory. Of course, the fact that the Philippines is the only country near the underwater plateau is a huge factor in the fast approval of the new territory.

Called the Benham Rise or Benham Plateau, this landmass is fast-rising by geologic standards and is believed to become an island above the water in a million years.

Photo credit: Rappler
Photo credit: Rappler

While that might not sound so exciting now, this landmass does hold a lot of promise and could possibly be the answer to the country’s economic woes. Scientists exploring the area have reached the topmost part of the shelf and based on their studies, they found rich deposits of platinum (a metal that is more expensive than gold) and solid nodules of methane!

With a third world country, the Philippines currently faces a lot of economic woes, including plenty of debts yet if this rich landmass will get to the surface, the scientists believe that this could help solve a number of problems for the country.

Of course, the country has to wait about a million years for the plateau to reach the surface and would need to invest billions to explore the area but the prospect of this land rising in some future sure does sound exciting, right?

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Rappler, JB Solis

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