With Teamwork, Twins Try to Escape Crib in this Adorable Video

When a pacifier fell out of the crib to the floor, the adorable twins in this YouTube video began their “mission impossible” to retrieve it.

Photo credit: Twins Make Happy


Despite moving the cribs this way and that, as best as they could, the two found it quite difficult to reach the fallen item. What amazed me a lot in this video is that these kids were able to easily move their cribs. That is quite a feat considering how small they were and how heavy the cribs must have been!

Now, despite their strength, the cribs just wouldn’t move far enough for them to reach the pacifier, no matter how hard they tried.

So, they switched to Plan B: climb out of the crib to retrieve the pacifier. This also required some degree of teamwork before the twin who owns the pacifier was finally able to get out and reach the item.

Watch the adorable teamwork by these cute little twins in this video: