Woman Carries Bullet-ridden Dog Down the Mountain to Save its Life

What would you do if you find a badly injured dog riddled with bullet holes lying on its side, dying? Well, the safest approach is not to make sudden movements that might trigger its aggressive streak and call the authorities for help. However, when such a choice is not available, would you try save it?

Andi Davis was faced with this dilemma while out walking alone in a remote area in Phoenix, Arizona. She found a pitbull with bullet holes on its neck, obviously left to die by the attacker (who might have been its owner!).

She would have left it there if it did not lift its head to look at her. Taking pity of the poor animal, she carried the 47-pound dog around her shoulders and brought him down the mountain. It took her an hour to reach the place where her husband and child are waiting; they took the animal to the rescue shelter where it was treated.

The dog miraculously survived! The family would visit him from time to time. Falling in love with the pooch they rescued, they decided to keep him!

Watch their story here: