Woman Climbs Inside Airport X-Ray Machine to Keep an Eye on Her Handbag

We often see comedy skits like humans entering an x-ray machine, but who would have thought that those happened in real life?

According to Oddity Central, an unidentified woman was traveling home from Dongguan, in Southern China to celebrate Lunar New Year holiday with their loved ones.

One of the security measures in most terminals and airports require you to put your handbag and other luggage in an x-ray machine to have a closer look. Apparently, this woman went all over it and went inside with her handbag to make sure it won’t get stolen.

This incident happened February 11 in the evening, wrote World of Buzz.

Image: World of Buzz

She happily put her suitcases through the machine with no doubts but refused to put her handbag for a short x-ray scan.

The security staff then asked her to put the handbag in the conveyor belt going into the machine but a very unusual thing happened; she went all for it and went through the scanner herself, making sure that the contents of her handbag won’t get stolen, leaving the staff shocked.

After going through the security procedures, she rushed off with her luggage.

Image: World of Buzz

This funny happening was caught on video and had gone viral on social media but it was unclear what were the contents of her bag. Some say that there are stacks of cash in her bags which is a tradition to be given as gifts to relatives during the Chinese New Year.

The Dongguan Railway Station staff advised passengers not to ride the X-ray machine as the amount of radiation given off by the scanners can be very harmful to the body.

“Passengers are warned that not only is this kind of behaviour forbidden, but also that the radiation from the machine is incredibly harmful to human health,” an article in the People’s Daily newspaper said, according to Oddity Central.