Woman Conquers Insecurities after Wearing Body Paint for a Day… And No One Even Noticed She Didn’t Have Clothes On!

A lot of us have insecurities that tend to keep us from reaching our dreams yet some of these insecurities are often just things that we think to ourselves – and other people don’t even notice until we tell them about it!

This is what model Julie Nolan was able to realize when she wore body paint for a day. She ditched her clothes for body paint in this experiment by BuzzFeed Yellow. Body painter Pashur painted her skin with a simple white ‘body-hugging’ t-shirt and a denim jeggings.

Screenshot from video by BuzzFeed Yelllow
Screenshot from video by BuzzFeed Yelllow

Pashur is so talented that he was able to create realistic clothes for Julie – and when she finally went out to public to showcase her body paint clothes, no one actually noticed until she told them she was just wearing body paint, not clothes! Isn’t that amazing?

So, the next time you are feeling insecure, ditch that feeling and tell yourself that it is all in your mind and people aren’t going to notice… Stay positive!

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