Woman Dies at Childbirth and Baby is Stillborn but a Christmas Miracle Changed It All…

It was a beautiful Christmas eve when Tracey Hermanstorfer went into labor back in 2009 but a joyous anticipation soon changed to fear for her husband when she went into cardiac arrest and turned grey. Minutes later, she was declared dead.

Doctors scrambled to perform a C-section to save her baby but the child was stillborn! Tracey’s husband was beside himself with grief, watching as half of his family lay dead before his eyes at the early dawn of Christmas.

…but a Christmas miracle touched this family and Tracey began to regain her pulse. As Tracey’s breathing improved, everyone was amazed to see the tiny baby responding to his mother! Pretty soon, the two were both alive and well – much to the amazement of everyone who had seen them both dead just minutes ago!

Truly, it was a Christmas miracle for the Hermanstorfer family, something that they surely wouldn’t forget for the rest of their lives…

Source :

SF Globe

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