Woman discovers she has been working with the man who saved her

  • After four years, a woman working as a volunteer in Samaritans Helpline learned that the man who saved her was a colleague
  • Georgina Laurie was going through tough roads when she called Samaritans Helpline
  • The man on the other line did not convince her to change her mind and just listened to her, which was enough to make her change her mind

After a few years of working as a volunteer in an organization that talked her through her depressive thoughts, a 60-year-old woman found out that the man who convinced her to give life another chance was just seated next to her.

Image via Unsplash

Georgina Laurie was in her lowest seven years ago due to the sudden demise of her husband. “A year prior to that, I’d had a stroke, so my whole life completely changed and I couldn’t cope with that. I got really depressed, really down, and I really couldn’t see there was a way forward,” Good News Network quoted her as saying.

She recounted the night when she talked to one of the volunteers at the Samaritans Helpline to share what she was planning to do. When she dialed the number, a man answered and listened to her talk about all the struggles she has been facing. She also told him what she was planning to do but the man on the other line did not judge her or try to change her mind.

Image via Unsplash

“I decided I had chatted enough and I said ‘I’m going to go now’ and at that point the Samaritan said to me on the phone, ‘I would just like to say one thing; this all sounds totally exhausting.’ And I hadn’t thought about that and I thought, ‘Yeah, you’re right, I am exhausted; I am emotionally and physically exhausted’ and then I put the phone down,” she said.

Those words were enough to make her realize that maybe she wasn’t making the right decision because she was tired.

Two and a half years later, Laurie joined the organization. Four years into volunteering, she heard her colleague Des McCarthy saying: “It must have been exhausting for you” to the person on the other line and that was when Laurie realized that it was him who saved her.

“Des didn’t try and talk me out of doing anything. All he did was do what we say on the tin; we listen, and listening is just enough sometimes,” she said.

Source: Good News Network