Woman edits photo to include husband in Christmas card

  • A woman who is missing her husband who’s currently working in the military came up with an idea to include him in their Christmas card
  • She asked her husband to do a specific pose and edited it for Christmas 
  • Her husband was happy to be part of their family photo

The holidays give family and friends an opportunity to bond and unite. However, not all are given the opportunity to have a complete family during the season. There are some whose career requires them to be away from their family even during Christmas and New Year.

This is the first time that Danielle Cobo will be spending the holidays without her husband who is in the military. He just left early this year to work overseas as a helicopter pilot and this left Cobo heartbr0ken.

Image from video of Good Morning America

“Every time you go to bed, you are reminded that they are not here and every time you have a tradition you normally do and they are not there. The holidays are hard,” she told Good Morning America.

“There are a lot of family members that are away from their spouses and kids that don’t have their parents around during the holidays because of them being in the military. It’s a sacrifice among everybody.”

Still, she came up with a brilliant idea so that their family could have a Christmas card photo together with their two-year-old twin sons. “I said can you take a photo of you in your uniform with your hand out and he really had no idea what I was doing,” Cobo narrated.

Image from video of Good Morning America

Photographer Shannon Sturgeon helped her achieve the photo, which made her husband happy. “He was happy to be part of the photos. He’s having a hard time being away from [us] during the holidays,” she said.

Kudos to everyone in the military who will be spending the holidays away from their families.

Source: Good Morning America    YouTube