Woman Finally Marries Fiance She Could Not Recognize for 8 Years After a Disease Struck Her

They were set to get married in 2007 but Japanese couple Hisashi Nishizawa and Mai Nakahara had to brave through a long engagement before having their happily ever after.

Everything was then set for their 2007 wedding but, in December 2006, Mai lost her short-term memory and she was reported to make strange noises at night. Because of this strange behavior, coupled with the doctor’s inability to identify the cause of her memory loss, she was placed in a mental hospital where she fell into a coma. Her heart and her lungs stopped functioning for some time.

Because of this tragedy, Hisashi was forced to cancel their wedding and was even asked by Mai’s family to look for another woman to marry. However, he rejected the suggestion and told them that he would wait.

Mai was sent to Okayama University Hospital where she was diagnosed with Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a condition that causes the immune system to attack brain functions.

After undergoing treatments, Mai showed signs of improvements and regained some of her abilities. She was discharged from the hospital and was sent home. Her condition improved further, and soon enough, she was able to recognize her family members.

Unfortunately, she could not recognize Hisashi though he was always by her side.

One day, Mai saw an old pocketbook where the words “wedding ceremony” dated March 11, 2007, were written. Upon seeing the pocketbook and their photos together, she finally realized who Hisashi really is.

Photo credit to One Heart Wedding

In June 2014, the pair finally decided to resume the wedding that Hisashi had to cancel 8 years before.

Photo credit to One Heart Wedding

Their colorful love story has inspired a book and a movie which was released last 2017.