Woman Finds Husband with Taped Mouth, Discovers He Did it So She Can Sleep Better

For marriage to work, couples must learn not just to love and respect each other but to compromise and listen to one another. While things will not always be easy, they might eventually find ways to solve the situation and save their marriage.

Like this wonderful story of a couple who eventually learned to compromise…

A young man shared his parents’ story on Facebook page, Penang My Hometown 我来自槟城, which was translated to English by Good Times. The story touched many people’s hearts, with a lot of netizens expressing praise for the couple.

My father has always worked hard to support our family. His job is tough and requires so much energy. By the time, he gets home and goes to sleep, he always snores.

This makes my mother irritated with my father’s loud snoring. She can’t sleep well if she sleeps in the same room with my snoring father so my father has to sleep in our living room.

Photo credit: Penang My Hometown 我来自槟城 / Facebook

Seems like a situation that many ladies can easily relate with, right? A lot of men do snore so loudly that the room is filled with the sound! Many of these ladies could not sleep soundly but what could they do about it?

Well, this young man’s mother asked his dad to sleep in the living room so she could sleep soundly. But that seems rather cold, right? The dad would soon find a way to solve the problem so he could get back to sleeping in the bedroom with his family…

The young man continued his story:

Photo credit: Penang My Hometown 我来自槟城 / Facebook

However, today, my mother goes inside her bedroom and found a shocking visual of my father. Apparently, my father sleeps with his mouth covered with sellotapes!

My mother is both surprised and touched with my father’s action. She quickly removes the sellotapes from my father’s mouth. This is love.

She forbade him from doing it again and accepted him back in the bedroom without the tape because she realized he would do anything and everything for he loves her so much!

Isn’t that the sweetest thing? The couple eventually learned to compromise because they loved each other so much that they did everything they could to make their marriage work…

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