Woman Forces Dad on Subway Tracks to Collect Insurance Once He Gets Hit by Train

A lot of people have become more conscious of their finances these days, allowing them to save money and also buy insurance policies to ensure that their families will be provided for when the time comes that they pass away.

Most parents have their spouses and children as beneficiaries.

But while parents only do this to provide a better life for their children, some heartless kids have no qualms at collecting the insurance money – using whatever means they think is necessary!

In China, a heartless woman forced her old dad on the subway tracks so she could collect his insurance money once he gets hit by the train! Can you believe that? What a heartless child…

Photo credit: Elite Readers / Best Videos – YouTube

According to reports, commuters at that train station were shocked to see the old man at the subway tracks. They thought he must have fallen off or wandered into the tracks in daze.

One man rushed to help him out while the other commuters also ran to assist the two. But just when the old man was safe, a woman began to kick him back and shout to the other commuters not to interfere.

It turned out this woman was the old man’s daughter and she wanted him to get hit by the train – so she could collect his insurance money.

Photo credit: Elite Readers / Best Videos – YouTube

But the other commuters would have none of this. Someone called security and many shielded the old man from the crazed lady while others held her back. The angry woman continued to shout at the other commuters but everyone agreed to keep her as far away from her dad as possible.

While it is unknown whether the old man would file charges, especially because he appeared to have willingly jumped into the train tracks, many hoped that the woman will be jailed for life and the old man rescued by some kind relatives as she might try to do this crazy scheme again to collect his money – and there might not be people around to save him then…

Watch footage of the incident here: