Woman gets 25 months sentence for faking resumé

  • Although composed only of short phrases and sentences, a resumé is vital in applying for a job
  • An Australian woman knows this so she filled her resumé with fake information, including references so she could land a good paying job
  • Unfortunately for her, her trick was exposed and she has been sentenced to 25 months in pris0n

Resumés are important when applying for a job. It shows vital details about a person such as educational attainment and previous work experience. It helps employers see whether or not one is qualified for a job at a glance.

In Australia, a woman went as far as faking her resumé in order to land a government job that pays $185,000 per year.

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Forty-five-year-old Veronica Hilda Theriault was charged with deception, dishonestly dealing with documents, and abuse of public office. She has pleaded guilty to all charges.

The court found that her application for chief information officer at the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DBC) used fake references, education, and even employment history.

“That CV led to you being interviewed for the job – you supplied that document to the Department of Premier and Cabinet and [it] is the basis for dishonestly dealing with documents,” District Court Judge Michael Boylan said.

When the recruiter called one Ms. Best who is one of the references provided by Theriault, she only had praises for her. It turned out she pretended to be the reference she gave.

“She gave glowing feedback at your performance, but in fact you were impersonating Ms. Best. The real Ms. Best had not given you a reference,” Boylan said.

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Reports said she was employed for about a month before she started having mental issues and her trick was found out.

Boylan sentenced Theriault 25 months behind bars.

Source: Fox News