Woman Gives Birth Prematurely After Being Scared by ‘Killer Clown’ Prankster

With the on-going ‘killer clowns’ prank going viral across the United States and the United Kingdom, hundreds of victims had reported incidents of the scary clowns appearing in their neighborhoods, with some even carrying deadly weapons like long knives and guns!

While it is unsure whether these weapons are real or just props, seeing these creepy clowns coming to you with a weapon (well, even without a weapon but with their creepy faces!) can be quite scary, indeed!

Sadly, aside from just scaring many people, some of the pranksters have also caused harm on their unsuspecting victims.

Photo by Shutterstock
Photo by Shutterstock

In Whitwick, Leicestershire in the English Midlands, United Kingdom, a teenager dressed in a clown outfit jumped out in front of a pregnant woman, scaring her so much that she immediately went into labor and gave birth to her baby despite just being 8 months pregnant!

Screenshot of post by Spotted Whitwick
Screenshot of post by Spotted Whitwick

While these pranksters believe that they are just having fun, they should also realize that they can harm the lives of other people with their actions – and they could actually get hurt, too, if they scare the wrong person!

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