Woman Gives Birth to 13th Son but Couple Revealed They Won’t Stop Trying Until They Get a Girl!

They can surely make a soccer team out of their kids as they now have thirteen boys but couple Irineu Cruz and Jucicleide Silva decided they won’t stop trying until they eventually get a girl! With their eldest son already aged 18, it is quite possible that they could become grandparents first before they finally get their coveted daughter but the couple does not really mind.

Living in Concei ao de Coit, Brazil, the couple has been trying to have a baby girl for 20 years but they were only blessed with sons. When Jucicleide first got pregnant, the couple decided she would name all their daughters while Irineu will name all their sons.

Since they have only sons so far, 40-year-old Irineu had the pleasure of naming them all after his favorite football stars, all with names beginning with the letter R.

Photo credit: Caters / Nations Press PH - Mirror UK
Photo credit: Caters / Nations Press PH – Mirror UK

Robson (18), Reinan (17), Rauan (15), Rubens (14), Rivaldo (13), Ruan (12), Ramon (10), Rincon (9), Riquelme (7), Ramires (5), Railson (3), Rafael (2) and little Ronaldo (1) complete the team. In fact, they actually now have their own team – and they play against the other village kids during weekends. When they win, they get some food or drinks for the kids.

The couple admits that their life can be a bit difficult since they have to feed such a large family. The full-time mom revealed she cooks a kilo of rice plus a kilo of macaroni and a kilo of beans for lunch to feed her brood.

Sometimes, the only thing they would have for the day is a loaf of bread which they divide among themselves but Jucicleide proudly revealed that her boys are well-behaved and would readily share the food with each other so that no one is left hungry.

But will there be a baby girl for this couple soon? Jucicleide certainly hopes so!

It would be wonderful to be able to choose her name and to finally hold up the red card to my husband,” Jucicleide mused.

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