Woman Hires Friend to Cut Off Part of Her Hand and Foot to Claim Insurance Money

A Vietnamese woman lost a third of her left hand and left foot after she hired a friend to cut these off so she could claim insurance money but the insurance company smelled fraud and refused to give her any money – and the doctors told her they could not reattach the limbs! She ended up with mutilated limbs, no money from the insurance company, and could even face jail time for insurance fraud!

Ly Thi N pretended she was hit by a train; her friend called an ambulance, pretending to be a bystander who found her on the roadside with her wounds – this she did so she can have documents to help her file the insurance claim; however, the insurance company smelled fraud especially because there was no police report regarding the supposed accident and possibly because the wounds don’t really look like she had been hit by a train.

If they had been successful, Ly Thi N would have received 3.5 billion dong ($157,000) – and that’s actually a huge sum considering that the average annual income in Vietnam is around $2,100. Meanwhile, the friend was offered $2,000 to do the deed; although it was unsure whether the said friend was also promised a cut from the insurance claim.


But with the insurance company not giving her the money, not only did Ly Thi N lose her insurance claim, she also lost a third of her left foot and her left hand because the doctors said they could not attach the cut off parts back – and she might even be jailed because the company is suing for insurance fraud!

Lucky for Ly Thi N, however, there is currently no law in Vietnam that would be applicable for her case so the insurance company was forced to drop the charges against her. Still, she isn’t so lucky because she still lost her arm and her foot due to her foolishness.