Woman Kept in Coma for 54 Days to Save Her Son

She had gone to the hospital to seek treatment for her repeated headaches but Karla Perez soon learned she is dying from brain/intracranial hemorrhage. Shortly afterwards, she fell into a coma at the Methodist Women’s Hospital in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Berta Rodriguez, Karla’s mother, was brokenhearted knowing her time with her daughter is coming to an end but the situation is made worse by the fact that the dying woman is actually 22 weeks pregnant. Doctors said there was no chance Karla would live but her baby is healthy inside her body.

The family begged doctors to prolong Karla’s life for as long as possible so the baby will have a better chance at survival. So, doctors kept Karla in coma but her condition deteriorated. On the 54th day, an emergency c-section was done to deliver her son, Angel. She died shortly afterwards.

Born just 2 lbs 12.6 oz, Angel spent weeks in NICU. Berta thanks the heavens for the miracle of Angel’s birth despite feeling heartbroken that she lost her daughter on the same day.

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