Woman Leaves Baby in Car to Have Breakfast with Friends, Claims She Forgot about Him

It’s tough being a parent, especially in these modern times when everyone seems to be too busy but this is never an excuse for leaving your child alone in the car! Too many times this has happened in the past, with many ending in tragedy.

Recently, a couple in the Philippines found themselves in hot water after leaving their 1-year-old son inside the car at 4AM. According to the child’s mother, the boy was left in the car on purpose because she had to feed an older child and the younger one was still asleep.

But the two aren’t the only irresponsible parents to have left their kids in the car.

Photo credit: YouTube / peipei

Video taken outside the parking lot of a mall in San Andres de Cholula, Mexico showed the distressing situation of a baby left inside the vehicle by irresponsible parents.

Photo credit: YouTube / peipei

Though it was still morning, the sun was already shining bright. It was already hot outside; surely, the baby was feeling hotter inside the closed vehicle!

One of the passersby ran to get a nearby sign to use as cover, in hopes of lessening the heat inside the vehicle. Others mulled breaking the car’s window to save the kid while some hurried inside the mall to search for the child’s parents.

Photo credit: YouTube / peipei

Minutes later, a young woman frantically ran to the car and opened the door. It was the baby’s mother who claimed to have forgotten that she was bringing the kid along. The Good Samaritans were rather shocked (and angry!) to learn that she was having breakfast with friends at the mall while her son suffered inside the car.

It was a good thing that someone had heard the child’s cries or this could have ended in tragedy!

Parents! Make it a habit to double check your car to see if you have kids inside. In a world where there are too many distractions, it’s actually easy to forget…