Woman Makes Internet Laugh after Sending Car Insurance Agent ‘Front and Side’ Photos of Herself

When the car insurance agent tells you to send him ‘front and side’ photos, everyone knows he means the car’s photos but one woman misunderstood the instructions and sent photos of herself instead. LOL. The hilarious mix-up has made the internet laugh after the said woman shared the photos on her Facebook account.

Of course, the insurance agent was partly to blame in the gaffe.

Alyssa Stringfellow shared on Facebook how she found a way to save some money by getting her car included in her mother’s insurance plan. But things took a rather hilarious turn when she misinterpreted the insurance agent’s instructions.

According to Alyssa, the agent told her that he would need her “driver’s license number, date of birth, and a picture straight on and a picture taken from each side.

Photo credit: Alyssa Stringfellow / Facebook

Now, if you were given those instructions, what would you have sent the agent? Well, Alyssa sent him the details and photos that night.

But his reply had her in stitches – and she would later share what she called her ‘blonde moment’ on Facebook.

Sometime midmorning the following day (today *hem hem*), I check my email and find THIS response:

Photo credit: Alyssa Stringfellow / Facebook

Hi Alyssa,

I am going to need pictures like you just took, except it needs to be of your vehicle. :)”

As you can see, I didn’t send pictures of my car…I sent him pictures of myself🙃

I also had texts from my Memaw saying “Alyssa Rachael, did you send him pictures of YOURSELF!? It was supposed to be of your car!”

Photo credit: Alyssa Stringfellow / Facebook

So he had called my Memaw and told her, and apparently they laughed about it on the phone for a good five minutes.

Needless to say, I was ridiculously embarrassed, and everyone at work had a good laugh at my obvious misinterpretation.