Woman Posts on Twitter for Help in Finding a Date, Didn’t Expect He’d End Up as the Love of Her Life

There’s this saying, ‘Love can be found in the most unlikely of places’. In love, everything is possible. And by that, I mean ‘everything’.  Because sometimes, fate works in the weirdest ways. What starts out as a joke can turn into something more (and I mean much, much more) — it ended up in a totally adorable love story.

It all started with a simple tweet. Back in July 2015, Madison O’Neill found herself dateless for an upcoming wedding. She’d recently broken up with her ex but had RSVP’d to the nuptials with a plus-one.  So she turned to Twitter for a last minute solution – to help her find a fun person to accompany her. And it did not disappoint.

When she was interviewed for TIME, she said, “It was mostly a joke, I thought a friend would respond and I’d just have someone to hang out with.

Little did she know that someone would take it seriously and an adorable love story is born.

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Just a few hours later, one of her followers, who she knew from high school, did what any true Prince Charming would do — he slid into her DMs and dropped her a message. Charlie Dohrmann, who tweets as @ChuckDohrmann, replied to her tweet, “Dude, I’ll be your date to a wedding!”

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Madison knew who Charlie was, because they went to the same high school in Des Moines, Iowa. However, they weren’t friends because according to her, “I thought he was super annoying,” and she wasn’t sure she wanted to go out with him.

She was a bit hesitant at first about going to a wedding with a guy she hardly knows, but ultimately, she said yes. “I figured that having one awkward date wouldn’t be the end of the world, and I might as well go for it.”  

Apparently, Charlie had always been interested in Madison but had never had the courage to talk to her. He saw the tweet as an opportunity and decided it was his chance to go for it.

“He thought I was cute in high school but never had the courage to talk to me, but he saw that tweet as an opportunity and thought, hey why not,” Madison later said.

And it was all worth it. Turns out, the date wasn’t awkward at all – the pair had an amazing time together. So much so that they became an official couple soon after.

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Despite the trials that come with any relationship, Madison and Charlie made it work.

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Frequent visits, communication and keeping in touch over text helped. And after about two and a half years of dating, Charlie popped the question. Madison said yes, and the pair are set to live happily ever!

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The day Charlie asked Madison to be his wife. Awwwww. Look at how adorable they are!

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We’re happy for you guys! Congratulations on your engagement!