Woman Posts Touching Note for Kids Who Stole Her Wind Chime after They Lost Their Mom

Losing someone can be a very difficult thing to cope with, especially for kids who lost their parents! We could only imagine what these kids must be thinking and what they would do as they try to cope with their loss.

Netizen Chrissy Marie posts a touching note for the kids who stole her wind chime, after learning they did so after they lost their mom.

Chrissy shares the note from a boy named Jake, asking for forgiveness because his sister stole her wind chime as she knew he likes butterflies and that wind chime had them. Jake said they placed the wind chime on his window.

Photo credit: Chrissy Marie / Love What Matters – Facebook

He gave Chrissy $5 as payment for the wind chime but she was so heartbroken over the boy’s revelation that their mother had died that’s why his sister stole the ornament. Since she didn’t know the kids, she posted the note online in hopes that it would reach them.

She told them that not only was she not mad over what they did, she will return Jake’s money and also give another wind chime so his sister could also have one for her window.

The note has gone viral, especially after it was shared on Love What Matters Facebook page. While there were people who slammed Chrissy for condoning the kids’ stealing her property, there were others who took her side and pointed out that the kids even tried to pay for the ornament and that they had only done so in grief.

Do you think her response was appropriate?

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