Woman Puts Fake Ticket on Her Own Windshield, Gets Caught by the Police

It’s such a hassle when parking tickets are given to our cars but we don’t have any choice but to fix the situation.

However, this woman from Suzhou City, Western Shanghai found a way to avoid a parking ticket when she parked her car in a no-parking zone, she simply left a fake parking ticket on the windshield so that the authorities would think one of their colleagues had already given her a ticket.

Image: Next Shark

Her mischievous act was caught in the dash cam footage and was uploaded online by Knews.

Little did she know that she parked in front of an actual police car and that the dash cam was on and recording at the time.

In the dash cam footage, the woman was seen exiting the car and putting a fake parking ticket on her windshield before heading off to run her errands.

The cop in charge soon checked the paper that the woman had left in her car.

Image: Next Shark

Upon inspection, the ticket looks like the real one and was dated correctly but after checking it carefully, some of the details were wrong.

The police confronted the woman as soon as she got back to her car; the woman, of course, denied her wrongdoings thinking that no one caught her doing such illegal crime.

The police gave her a lecture about parking legally as well as not to forge any police documents then he handed her a ticket — a real one this time.

Nobody knows how long the woman had been using this deed to avoid parking tickets but finally, she was caught in the act.

Watch the video below:

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