Woman Receives Shocking News after Searching for the Man Who Paid for Her Groceries

One woman’s search for the kind guy who paid for her groceries ended up with sadness after she received shocking news of his demise.

Jamie-Lynne Knighten was having trouble at a grocery store near her home in California, USA after realizing that she left her debit card at home – and she was already at the counter. The only option she had was her Canadian credit card which was subsequently declined because, she later learned, the bank had placed an anti-fraud hold on it as she was in the US.

She quickly called the bank to fix the problem but her phone ran out of power before the transaction was cleared. Running out of options, she was about to tell the cashier to hold her purchase so she could retrieve her debit card but a man standing next to her offered to pay for the items himself.

Photo credit: Facebook/Jamie-Lynne Knighten
Photo credit: Facebook/Jamie-Lynne Knighten

At first, Knighten declined the kind offer but the man, Matthew Jackson, insisted on paying the $200 total bill just as long as she promised to “pay it forward” (do the good deed for someone else). Knighten graciously accepted the offer.

She asked for his name and where he was working before they parted ways.

It was a week after the encounter that she finally had the chance to call Jackson at work to once again thank him for his kind deed but received shocking news from his boss. It turned out that the very next night after paying for Knighten’s groceries, this amazing guy was killed in an accident.

Shocked at the news, Knighten shared her story on Facebook in gratitude and tribute to the kind man who helped her when she was in need. “May you rest in peace, Matthew. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I truly hope they know how well they raised you and what impact you’ve had on this world,” she wrote.

Photo credit: Facebook/MatthewsLegacy
Photo credit: Facebook/MatthewsLegacy

Jackson’s mother found the post and was touched by the story. She wrote a reply, “Hearing what my son did for a complete stranger just one day before he tragically died has been such a gift… just as Matt gave a gift to Jamie and she gave him an even greater gift by accepting it. My precious boy loved people, he was kind, handsome, intelligent and full of life. It’s hard to believe that he is gone. I am completely devastated and broken, but I also have absolute hope that I will see him again.

My Matthew touched so many and it’s amazing that he continues to touch people even after he has left this world. I will miss him terribly … the pain is beyond words. But I know that his legacy will live on,” she added.