Woman Severely Damages Liver After Dyeing Her Hair Every Month

A middle-aged Chinese woman surnamed Chen from Harbin, China was diagnosed with chemical cirrhosis that may be caused by her long-time habit of dyeing her hair every month.

When she was in her 30s, she discovered grey hairs are starting to appear so she decided to cover them up by dyeing her hair; unfortunately, her hair grew fast in less than a month. At the age of 40, grey hairs started to show on her temples and since then she dyed her hair at a salon every month.

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Around two months ago, Chen was climbing the stairs to her bedroom when she started feeling unusually tired and breathless and her husband noticed that the whites of her eyes turned yellow. She was immediately rushed to the Department of Infectious Medicine in Harbin. She underwent a series of tests and it showed that she had more than 10 times the normal level of bilirubin in her body. Whoa!

Bilirubin is usually found in cases of jaundice, anemia and liver diseases. It is an orange-yellow pigment that occurs normally when part of your red blood cells break down.

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Doctors diagnosed Chen with an advanced stage of cirrhosis and tried to figure out the cause. According to her, she had no alc*holic problems and her medical history showed no dr*gs that could have damaged her liver severely. So, in hopes to find the cause of her disease, they tried to ask her more questions.

After the doctors heard about her monthly hair dye ritual, the doctors were able to find out the cause her cirrhosis.

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Chen underwent more than 20 days of treatment in the hospital and luckily, her liver had some improvement but there’s no way they could reverse the chemical damage on her liver.

The doctors suggest using plant hair dyes and the intervals between hair dyeing should be about six months.