Woman Sleeps Beside Charging Phone, Wakes Up with Burned Mattress

Many of us sleep beside our phones because we tend to scroll through different applications to make us feel sleepy. When our battery’s phone nearly runs empty, that’s the time we charge it and then sleep — but this habit can be fatal!

A woman in China identified as Luo recently purchased a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus from an official online retailer and had been loving her phone ever since. However, she realized that her device would get hot especially when she was charging it.

Image: World of Buzz

She found out that this was a common problem that many other users faced so she didn’t think it was an issue but in less than a month of using her phone, she decided to charge her phone by her bed before she fell asleep.

She was wakened up by her cat and upon looking at her phone, she was shocked that her phone was emitting smoke. She immediately unplugged her gadget and switched off her phone but found that it had already burned a big area on her mattress.

As she further examined the charging port, it turned out that her cable and her mattress were completely ruined, a big area on her bed measuring at least 40 cm in length and 20 cm in width.

Image: World of Buzz

Her phone, unfortunately, cannot be switched on anymore, so she decided to file a complaint on Apple’s customer service department that day.

She sent the damaged iPhone together with the two original iPhone cables to Shanghai as instructed by Apple because they would run some tests. After a month, the tests showed that the damage was caused by external heat sources.

Image: World of Buzz

“I asked them to explain what kind of heat sources they meant and the customer service officer hesitated before answering that it could be caused by hot weather or a hot desk. I was not smoking or using an electronic blanket near the phone but they concluded that this was not their fault and refused to compensate me,” she explained according to World of Buzz.

She received another call from an Apple staff; they assured her that they would handle the case and she was informed that they would send the device and cables to the United States for other tests. However, Lou is already distrustful that Apple would take responsibility for this issue. All she wanted is to have a replacement iPhone and compensation for her burnt mattress.

Image: World of Buzz

Lou is so lucky to wake up right before a big damage was done. Imagine if she didn’t wake up soon, that would have been worse!

We hope that this issue would be resolved. In the meantime, be reminded that we should not use the phone while it is charging and make sure it will not be overcharged to avoid damages.